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Agama extension boosts netplus hybrid TV service

Swiss triple play service provider netplus has supplemented its Agama head-end service quality assurance system with the Agama Embedded Monitoring Solution.

Agama claimed this extension enables netplus, a group representing 11 CATV operators in Switzerland, to offer complete end-to-end hybrid IP/cable TV service distribution.

Agama said the extension also grants netplus with awareness and insights that have resulted in increased control and confidence in its service operations, as well as improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Agama’s TV head-end service quality monitoring solution was deployed by netplus in 2012, but the group had little control over the quality of its content once it was distributed by a number of regional operators. To solve the problem, netplus has implemented Agama’s extension to enhance awareness and efficiency in processes such as fault detection, incident handling, continuous improvements and change management.

Netplus head of iTV group Romain Lonfat said, “By building out our Agama solution, to reach from the head-end site all the way to the point of actual service consumption, we now have complete transparency of the delivered service quality and usage throughout the end-to-end distribution.

“We have already been able to improve the quality of our catch up and nPVR services by splitting DOCSIS nodes or fixing household cable installations,” continued Lonfat. “We have proactively solved several customer experience problems, before customers have called our customer support. The Agama solution has helped us to identify network issues and to locate the most negatively affected users, as well as to take the necessary measures to fix any issues.”

Agama Technologies CEO Mikael Dahlgren said, “It’s with great pleasure we see a maintained trust from netplus. It has taken the next step in its efforts to assure optimal service quality, improve operational efficiency and increase customer understanding by implementing our Embedded Monitoring Solution and leveraging its modern technology platform.”

“Our aim is to help netplus and other video operators to streamline their processes by enabling informed decisions in anything from daily technical service operations and prioritisations, to first line customer support and even how to package and market services to their customers. We believe that this is a vital component for an operator’s short-term and long-term profitability and competitiveness today.”

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