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Support for 4K on Mac OSX

A Q4 2015 Mac driver update is bringing an Adobe Transmit plugin from Bluefish444 to the Mac platform.

Bluefish444 has supported Adobe video applications on Windows for a decade and had a large installed Adobe customer base asking for cross platform support.

The forthcoming Mac OSX driver will support Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, and all other Adobe Transmit applications with all Bluefish444 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI I/O video cards.

New features include multi-card support enabling 4K workflows, including 60fps high frame rates and 12-bit RGB modes to Adobe, Assimilate Scratch,
and Avid software.

The Mac driver will be compatible with Thunderbolt 2 and certified with a range of third-party expansion chassis from Sonnet, Magma, Netstore
and others.

Bluefish444 4K/2K/HD/SD I/O video cards will be even more accessible for Mac users, said the company, compatible in both traditional PCIe Mac Pro towers and PCIe Thunderbolt 2 expansion chassis.