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Strategic deal secured with V-Nova

V-Nova, the video and imaging processing hardware and software company, has entered into a strategic partnership with systems architect Qvest Media (formerly Wellen+Nöthen).

Officially signed during IBC2015, the agreement will see Qvest Media offer the V-Nova Perseus to its broadcast customer base.

Guido Meardi, chief executive and founder of V-Nova, said, “We are convinced that we will be able to gradually expand our activities in the broadcast and media environment thanks to the extensive network that our new partner enjoys with manufacturers and users in this industry.”

Perseus offers advanced compression with improvements in picture quality, processing speeds and power efficiency.

The codec is considered to be robust and is continuously hierarchical, using a single stream structure to carry SD, HD and UHD video qualities. It is said to be able to deliver UHD video at HD-standard bitrates.

“With Perseus, V-Nova meets the challenge of constantly increasing amounts of data and ever higher data rates,” added Daniel Url, managing director of Qvest Media. “During the first review of the technical information about it, we were initially a little sceptical. After all, until now it had been virtually impossible to demand a low bit rate, very low latency and, at the same time, high image quality from a codec. However, a live demo and subsequent technical analysis have completely convinced us.”

Perseus encoders and decoders are available as server and PC-based appliances, embedded software and codec plug-ins.