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StorNext 6 shipping with Xcellis

StorNext 6, a new release of the workflow storage platform, is now shipping with Quantum’s Xcellis shared storage.

StorNext provides scalable storage for 4K workflows. According to the company, a new quality of service feature allows users to tune performance across client workstations, and on a machine-by-machine basis, in a shared storage environment. Users can allocate specific bandwidth to individual workstations and set parameters ensuring that less timely or demanding tasks do not consume an unnecessary amount of bandwidth.

A new feature called FlexSpace allows multiple instances of StorNext – and geographically distributed teams – to share a single storage repository. They can also create shared repositories to include both public and private cloud storage that uses the standard S3 protocol, and facilities to establish protected off-site content storage.

The new FlexSync capability was added to synchronise content between multiple StorNext instances. StoreNext 6 also has new features aimed at improving file management.

At IBC, Quantum’s lineup also includes FlexTier, a cloud-access feature for integration of existing public-cloud storage accounts and third-party object storage into a StorNext environment and media workflows. Quantum is also showing Veritone’s multi-engine artificial intelligence platform in a StorNext-managed environment.