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Stingray offers streamlined RF transport

The new StingRay RF over fibre inter-facility links from ETL Systems are claimed to provide a high-performance solution for transmitting RF signals across sites.

The company claimed they would offer excellent module-to-module isolation, making them ideal for high isolation applications. Downtime is minimised by dual redundant hot-swap power supplies.

The range now includes 1+1 and 4+1 redundancy configuration options, providing additional resilience for uplink and downlink transmissions. For longer distance transmissions over fibre, ETL has introduced CWDM and DWDM modules which can transmit RF signals up to 55km distances with low loss.

The Alto series of amplifiers are designed to offset signal loss from long runs of cables by providing variable gain for flexibility; in a hot-swap chassis, with redundancy configurations available. Designed for the front-end RF chain, the Alto family includes 4, 8 and 16 module chassis options with variable gain. It can be remotely controlled via Ethernet and web browser interface.