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Stella LED lights make a splash

Light & Motion’s lightweight new Stella LED lights are designed to withstand extreme conditions; indeed, three of them are waterproof to 100m (IP68). Four of the lights (Stella Pro 7000 and 5000, Stella 2000 and 1000) also include a built-in Li-ion battery, which will run for up to 90 minutes on high and 11 hours on low. They can also be powered via DTAP or an included external power supply.

The new 10,000 lumens Stella Pro 10000c operates on AC, but can also be powered by DC, while the 70W Stella 5000d drone light is powered off the drone or a camera battery with 12-25.2 volt input.

The 5000-lumen 5000d can be fully remote controlled from the drone controller, including on/off, dimming, and a power-saving strobe mode for photography.

It weighs 750g and is 88mm tall, with a TLCI of 93.

The flicker-free 5000K lights should also withstand a 1m drop onto concrete, and the 5000K LEDs have a TLCI of 90+, and a regulated lumen output that won’t fade during use (the numbers in each light’s name is its lumen output).

They each have a 120º-wide smooth beam angle, with a range of modifiers either included or available, including a 50º Focus Optic, 25º Fresnel, and a GloBulb.

Barn doors are included.