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STB makes TV personal

By Anne Morris

SPB TV is showcasing a next generation set-top box and an OTT TV advertisement solution in Hall 14 at IBC this week.

Kirill Filippov, CEO, explained that SPB TV Home is designed as a comprehensive and affordable solution for creating a new TV viewing experience at home.

This set-top box features an ARM Quad Core processor and 450 GPU, as well as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The set-top box comes with an exclusively designed remote for personal viewing, a customisable notification system and hardware profile buttons.

“Personal profiles can be automatically recognised and loaded when a user approaches the TV set with SPB TV Home carrying his or her mobile device,” said Filippov.

The box also comes with a ‘Magic Wheel’ to ease channel browsing and switching, based on a capacity sensor. The VoIP client is integrated in the interface of the box. SPB TV supports Bluetooth 4 Low-Energy for the advanced connectivity with other elements of the system.

The company is also showcasing a new OTT TV advertisement service called SPB TV Advertising. The service allows the substitution of the commercial broadcast based on the user’s location, gender and age.

“OTT TV providers can deliver very narrowly targeted and even personal ads,” added Filippov. “This solution provides targeting parameters for highly effective promotional campaigns.”