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Sports infrastructure on track

France’s new Parc Olympique Lyonnais Stadium is using Riedel systems to ‘redefine’ the live sports and entertainment experience, claimed the company.

At IBC, Riedel has been talking about how its scalable infrastructure has allowed the stadium’s audio, video, data, and communications signals to be used with
speed and simplicity to meet the requirements of football matches and any other live event.

Together, the Riedel MediorNet real-time media network, RockNet digital audio network, Artist digital matrix intercom system, Acrobat wireless intercom system, and Performer digital partyline system are providing a decentralised fibre-based network for flexible signal transport, routing and processing, as well as communications, throughout the innovative building, including the technical facilities for Olympique Lyonnais TV.

“The deployment of the Riedel technical infrastructure reflects our decision to embed state-of-the-art technology in our brand new stadium,” said Jean-Yves Meilland, director of OL Images at Olympique Lyonnais Group. “The resulting installation exceeds our needs with respect to sports events and also enables us to address all types of events with very valuable flexibility.”

Parc Olympique Lyonnais Stadium is equipped with 59,000 seats, 350 IPTV screens, and eight large VIP rooms, with WiFi network access everywhere. Spectators can take advantage of mobile apps to replay highlights from live action, view play from a different angle, or even upgrade their seats or order food.

Within this innovative facility, the Riedel gear allows all types of signals – video, audio, data, intercom and sync – to be picked up anywhere in the stadium and routed and processed to any outputs elsewhere in the stadium.