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Spend, Spend, Spend! How advertising is improving RoI

Getting the best bang for your advertising buck has always been the mantra for clients, and FTI Consulting’s Mary Ann Halford created a pitch panel for four new creative ideas each designed to improve a client’s return on their investment.

The four had to pitch to two real-life agencies.

In truth, each of the ideas had considerable merit. Nic Yeeles’s Peg and its tool to identify relevant so-called influencer marketers, was one example.

“The trouble with these bloggers and influencers is that 99 per cent of them are absolute rubbish, but the other one per cent are brilliant. Identify the one per cent and your client could hugely benefit,” he argued.

Paul Coggins, CEO, at Adludio, said his application adds 3D to smart devices and taps into the phone’s built-in gyroscope and thus measures the user’s involvement with the product being promoted by how the user swipes and touches while the product is on screen.

Mark Popkiewicz (CEO, Mirriad) showcased a clever video entertainment idea also designed to boost involvement, via speciality product placement which integrates products and brands into existing video content and monetises the process.

Already used by RTL, Star Asia and Globo, Mirriad is focused on pure entertainment, but could also be talking sport if the rights issues can be negotiated.

Allen Klosowski (VP/SpotX) brings existing ad-content into more relevant transmissions while maximising online visibility.

“It might be an ad for a high-value Jaguar car and placing it into a travel-related programme. It greatly eliminates the prospect of an ad not making its mark, or not reaching its target numbers.”

The two agency speakers – Karen Arndt from Dentsu Aegis and Adam Smith from GroupM – both chose Adludio for its creativity in mobile applications.