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Special VRig support for VR rigs

One problem with 360 degree virtual reality cameras is that everything is visible. To help overcome this, MSE’s VRig is claimed to be ‘the first professional grade camera support systems that is specifically designed for VR capture’, and can be left unattended amid the action,

A small footprint minimises nadir hole and shadow obstruction, yet maintains stability assisted by a low-centre-of-gravity barbell weight retainer.

There is an optional suction Pump Cup for non-porous surfaces and Auger Spike for exterior use.
Tyler Phillips, VP marketing and product development, MSE, explained: “VR cameras require a strong support system that is unobtrusive to the camera view and can be easily painted out in post.”

The VRig has a slim vertical riser and Black Elastic Leg Skirt to conceal camera accessories. Its modular aluminium construction means it can be reconfigured as a low-angle mount for a car or table top. It has already been used on several major VR productions.

“Until now they have been kluging together supports from parts using everything from video tripods to still photo monopods and light stands,” said Phillips.

There are two versions: the 3.4kg S30 supports up to 13.6kg, with a height range of 66cm to 164cm and a footprint diameter of 15.2cm to 94cm; while the 6.4kg S75 supports up to 34kg, with a range of 84cm to 218.5cm and footprint of 23cm to 109cm.