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Space+ launch booster for file-based workflows

GB Labs has launched a new tier 1 shared storage product for file-based workflows. Specifically, Space+ is aimed at increasing networking speeds and higher capacity online and nearline storage, with an eye toward 4K and 8K networks. Innovations implemented by GB Labs include dual 40Gb Ethernet network adapters and 8TB disks, as well as its latest generation of CPUs.

This tier 1 device now features a 128TB RAID storage; as such, a single nearline volume can now exceed 6 Petabytes. At the same time, advances in central processor units means that the system can deliver files to the network at 50% higher bitrates compared with its stablemate, Space, GB Labs reported.

Ben Pearce, sales and marketing director at GB Labs, said, “Next generation video formats need faster shared storage, higher capacity central arrays and greater network bandwidth. Technologies like dual 40GbE adapters and 8TB disks are vital to give UltraHD workgroups the scope to share files and work on projects collaboratively, direct from storage.”

For customers planning a transition to 4K workflows, GB Labs supplies Dual 10GbE adapters as standard. This gives users the option to install Space+ onto existing Ethernet networks, ready to upgrade in stages to faster data rates.

The use of HyperSpace in tandem with Space+ enables workgroups to complete the move to online 4K workflow. HyperSpace is an SSD acceleration unit for Space HDD tier 1 storage arrays. Delivering in excess of 3000MB/s data rates to client workstations, it is designed to enable 4K project sharing without the need to replace HDD media with an all-SSD array. The system has already been adopted by the likes of Technicolor and US commercials house Drive Thru for use in its Flame and Da Vinci Resolve workgroups, GB Labs reported.