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Sony: Russia Today launches London news studio

Broadcaster Russia Today has launched a UK studio facility operating a full HD news workflow.

Having previously broadcast all English-language news coverage from Moscow, with opt-outs in Washington US, RT made the decision to begin producing its UK news and current affairs content in the UK, setting up a new facility in Westminster’s Millbank Tower.

Kit supplier CVP helped equip the RT News Channel with a range of Sony gear. The facility features two studio spaces, which alternate between live shoots and pre-recordings. Sony’s MVS-6520 vision mixer forms the backbone of the production environment, integrated with the newsroom’s computer system.

Three BRC-H900 robotic cameras deliver HD images within the studios, via three 1/2 inch Exmor CMOS sensors. Pan/Tilt/Zoom control is enabled through connection to an IP-based system. Audio is enhanced with four Sony wireless microphone kits with ECM-77B lavalier microphones.

Chris Wood, company director of RT – TV, UK, said: “When setting up our London studios, we wanted to equip our first UK facility with the technology that sets the standard in the broadcast industry. Sony’s cameras, audio equipment, and vision mixer are recognised as staples among broadcasters the world over, and we wanted to make sure that it was this equipment that underpinned our UK news operations.”