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Snapbox for a soft light on the tiles

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Snapbox is a new soft box system for flex-, tube-, mat- and light-tile-style LED fixtures. It can open and be deployed in seconds to create a smooth diffusion box that mounts over standard frames to soften the light emitted from the raw LEDs.

As flexible LED panels, light tiles and tube-shaped fixtures are popular for their convenience and ability to be set up in a variety of sizes, but they can be harsh without some diffusion, and Snapbox said it offers a neat solution.

The front panel is made of highly reflective ‘magic cloth’ material stretched tightly across the rectangular front for even and optimum diffusion. The sides can control spill via removable fabric panels. Each comes with two sets of interchangeable side panels. One of ‘magic cloth’ for ambient light and the second an opaque black/metallic fabric with a reflective interior to amplify light and a black layer that cuts all spill.

The Snapbox is available in three sizes. The 4x2 is 123cm long, 62cm wide and 32cm high, and weighs 2.75kg. The 3.7kg 4x4 is 123x122x32cm, while the 8kg 8x4 is 209x122x31cm.