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Smooth transition to IP

The new Hybrid Video Solution (HVS) together with the Video Business Analytics System for IPTV, OTT and DVB business is on show from Starcor. The company is demonstrating how it says it helps telcos, cable operators and broadcasters who are looking for a smooth transition to an IP-centric infrastructure to reach more devices, by leveraging existing legacy infrastructure and advanced big data analytics engines.

Hybrid Video Solution is described as offering a unified platform for the convergent business of OTT, IPTV and DVB, providing flexible monetisation modules for video streaming service providers. It can, says the company, enable viewers to enjoy rich television services across devices including EPG, live TV, PPV, time-shift TV, catch-up TV and VOD anytime, anywhere.

According to Starcor, the benefits for operators include the ability to reuse their existing legacy investment: HVS can be integrated with legacy systems and existing infrastructures to ensure that investments in legacy devices can be seamlessly migrated to HVS.

The platform can be deployed in either the public cloud or a private cloud such as VMware.