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‘Smooth continuous’ large area coverage

Designed for coverage of massive areas and multiple venues, ABonAir’s AB-MultiZone technology is claimed to provide continuous, unlimited coverage with a single receiver connecting up to 250 MIMO antennas.

It enables roaming from one coverage zone to another seamlessly and automatically without dropping a single pixel, according to the company.

ABonAir further claimed that AB-MultiZone perfectly addresses the coverage challenges of dispersed locations like golf courses, race tracks or separate venues – for example, multi-venue productions in colleges, covering both football arenas and basketball fields.

The coverage of standard wireless transmission is limited to six or eight antenna beams with restricted range. Problems may come to light when covering an area with a broad spread such as a golf course, or the need to move with the camera outside the stadium to dressing rooms or even parking lot.

Eran Igler, ABonAir CEO, explained that traditionally in large area coverage, the transition from one zone to the next was not smooth, requiring a complex antenna and cable installation, or even a second receiver.

“Broadcast productions had to carefully plan the camera path in advance, as they rarely moved from one zone to another during broadcast,” he said. “One of the primary issues was the risk of link drop and broadcast discontinuity as the camera transitioned between zones. With ABonAir’s revolutionary AB-MultiZone for large, seamless roaming coverage, production teams can connect as many as 250 antennas in any desired topology.

The transmitter connects automatically to the nearest antenna without dropping the link, ensuring smooth continuous coverage.”