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SmartBEAM for an IP world

SmartBEAM is a multi-screen delivery solution being demonstrated by Eutelsat at IBC. The company said it addresses the growing number of IP-native screens, while leveraging all the advantages of satellite broadcast to offer rich video content and a high-quality user experience.

TV operators can broadcast video content in IP format via satellite, creating a network dedicated to all IP-native devices such as tablets and smartphones. The solution can be deployed at home as well as in public venues.

According to Eutelsat, the inherent strength of satellite broadcasting enables TV operators to provide ubiquitous coverage with a guaranteed quality of service, and extend OTT video services across the territory irrespective of local internet connection speeds or network congestion.

SmartBEAM is designed to offer the same experience to users located beyond the range of terrestrial networks, eliminating user frustration with re-buffering as terrestrial networks saturate.

Combining satellite broadcasting with advanced video players is said to allow low video latency and fast channel zapping times, irrespective of the number of simultaneous users, further enhancing the end user experience.

TV operator distribution costs remain stable even as service usage increases, according to Eutelsat, while end-users can enjoy unlimited streaming time, irrespective of their monthly mobile data plan.