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Smart SaaS for interactive video

Showcasing the latest enhancements to its comprehensive smart video platform, Zentrick said it would enable brands, broadcasters and publishers to create, distribute and analyse ROI-driven interactive videos.

Zentrick’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is designed to boost the performance of any video by adding interactive elements to new or existing video content. Zentrick Studio offers self service and full service options, giving content owners full control over their brand and their viewers’ experience.

A central hallmark of Zentrick Studio is the ability to create interactive video easily, without requiring technical skills. It is now possible to add contextual, in-video actions that drive sales, generate leads, boost engagement and more by adding a ‘fifth dimension’ to video through interactivity.

This is enabled by Zentrick’s lightweight, interactive smart layer, which adds the interactive power of a webpage to any video, claimed the company.

For interactive video distribution, the Zentrick Anywhere Engine delivers playback on nearly every screen, device and distribution platform, across paid, owned and earned media.

The company also offers a patent-pending iPhone solution for in-browser viewing without requiring a player download or native app installation.

Additionally, Zentrick’s live updating lets creators make changes to their video, even after it is published, while real time refresh pushes updates live everywhere on the web.

Intravideo metrics capture and report every user action during playback, making Zentrick-powered video infinitely more measurable than traditional online video. Whereas traditional video measures only impressions, view counts and duration, Zentrick claimed its solution captures every click, hover, share, submit and a host of other actions. These results can then be optimised based on what is performing best.