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Smart IP networking

On show in Hall 8 is the IP Link family of audio codecs, including a new model built specifically for transporting analogue FM composite multiplex signals over IP networks. The IP Link MPX is a full duplex product built for studio-to-transmitter link (STL) applications for FM radio broadcasters.

GatesAir said it was designed for broadcasters that lack the network bandwidth to distribute a full AES192 digital FM composite signal, which typically requires 5MBps of bandwidth, from studio to transmitter. The company also intends it for those that lack AES192 signal receiving capability in their legacy exciters.

It is also highly configurable, according to GatesAir, allowing broadcasters to adjust bit rates for optimal bandwidth usage across a wide area network, using less than half of the bandwidth required for AES192.

The new codec provides an efficiency boost for engineers by enabling installation of all signal generating equipment at a central studio, a major benefit for broadcasters operating an FM simulcast network.