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Skype multi-call system shown

A Skype video call management system that allows multiple calls within a single hardware unit is on show at IBC for the first time.

The Quicklink TX Multi transceiver was designed in partnership with Microsoft, owner of Skype, and allows one or multiple calls to be fed into a TV studio without the need for additional rack space or cables.

It is available in three options: the Multi, which can accept up to four incoming calls and has a single switchable HDMI, SDI and analogue video input and output; the Multi Quad, which accepts up to four calls and includes four SD or HD-SDI inputs and outputs; and the Multi Xstream.

The latter has dual Xeon multi-core processors allowing management of up to eight simultaneous full frame HD two-way Skype calls.

Richard Rees, chief executive, Quicklink, said: “In partnership with Microsoft, Quicklink has developed the multi-call management system into one hardware unit to serve the requirements of the live broadcasting industry.

We have welcomed the continued opportunity to work with Microsoft on these innovative solutions.”