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Skyline Communications: Management on the move

DataMiner Mobile Gateway offers operators a single professional mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Windows phone or Android devices, according to Skyline Communications, with full alarm management, performance management and realtime monitoring and control on any third party device connected to DataMiner.

With the DataMiner 8.5 release, these mobile apps have been further enhanced to enable users to tap also into the datasets of the DataMiner CPE Manager module. As a result, Skyline says that a single professional and easy-to-use mobile app now enables an operator to access any device from any vendor, across his entire operation, from signal reception down to the device at the home of his customers, including set top boxes and modems, for example.

The DataMiner Router Control panel is claimed by Skyline to be one of the most intuitive signal routing solutions available in the broadcast industry, enabling operators to manage signal flows transparently across any routing product from any vendor. In addition to a variety of smaller enhancements, including, for example, user-definable button icons, new slider and dial controls, the solution now features a full integration with the Microsoft Visio-compatible Visual Overview bubble-up and drill down UI and the DataMiner Automation engine. This is said to enable the design of solutions for a wide variety of applications such as new MCR control panels, studio mixing panels, virtual button panels and all the way up to seamless highly automated solutions to control studio configurations with a single button, and to prepare, deploy and migrate complex configurations.