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Sky Sports deal signed

Not long before IBC opened its doors, SIS Live announced that it is providing Ultra HD fibre connectivity for Sky Sports Ultra HD coverage of the English Premier League.

The 2016-17 Premier League football season sees SIS Live utilise its AnyLive fibre network to deliver Ultra HD pictures for 124 games covered by Sky Sports.

The managed fibre connection (up to 850Mbps) is using SIS Live’s fibre infrastructure, connecting every Premier League ground to SIS Live’s network operation centres in MediaCityUK and Milton Keynes, in addition to Sky Sports studios.

HD reverse vision feeds will be delivered as part of the service, and SIS Live is providing Sky Sports with network control on match days by installing Net Insight’s Nimbra Touch and Switch technology at Sky Sports studios.

David Meynell, managing director of SIS Live, said: “Sky Sport’s decision to use SIS Live’s AnyLive fibre network to deliver its new, high-profile channel means that we are well on the way to being recognised as the critical connectivity provider
of choice.

“Our satellite expertise remains, but we also boast fibre links between major broadcasters, network operators and UK sports stadiums, backed up by microwave links in some locations to give triple resilience.

I believe our combined fibre and satellite infrastructure is unrivalled in the UK market.”