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Simplicity, density, capability, variety

The rapid growth of video on demand platforms, coupled with broadband adoption, increased network speeds and the boom in sales of connected devices such as gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets makes delivering content effectively and reliably a must for any major broadcaster. Multi-platform delivery enables content to reach a vast audience with a higher potential for more frequent and longer exposure.

This leads to enhanced audience loyalty and the convenience of delivery over any device at any time. Over-the-top players such as Crackle, Hulu, and Netflix have made great strides in terms of content deals, with richer content catalogues, growing consumer bases and resourceful IP delivery networks. The exclusive content deals between OTT players and large studios are another indication that the business has forever changed in many new directions.

There has been a vibrant growth in free to air channels and content in major economies. In addition, cloud computing has delivered innovative solutions for broadcasters. Production and post production houses have access anywhere and anytime while reducing resource costs. Cloud computing and data storage brings platforms and services to realise live broadcasting for nonlinear networks and takes content to the viewers regardless of their location – as evidenced by Fox’s recent announcement regarding moving its master control to the cloud.

What this means for our company is a renewed sense of urgency to create products that make the delivery of multi-platform content simpler for broadcasters. We talk to our customers about today’s high bandwidth demands and they are telling us – simplicity, density, capability, and variety. In addition, we are working to meet those needs with products that stay true to OCC’s heritage of ruggedness and reliability, but also provide solutions that pack a ton of functionality into smaller and lighter spaces with more options than ever.

An event such as IBC allows the industry to reconnect and see, touch, and experience products and innovations that keep up with these ever evolving demands. While we are at IBC, we have unequalled opportunities to talk to end-users, manufacturers, suppliers and even competitors about products, services and trends. This keeps us on our toes and allows us to truly immerse ourselves in the broadcast industry’s international perspective.

From industry insights, to technology innovations, IBC is essential to staying on top of our game when it comes to the international broadcasting market.