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Shotover: F1 becomes Monster aerial platform

The Shotover F1 gyro stabilised platform is currently being used on the upcoming Paramount Animation live-action / animated action feature film, Monster Trucks. According to second unit director Spiro Razatos, the production chose the F1 for aerial filming for its flexibility, light weight and ease of use.

“The F1 is perfectly tailored to support a demanding shooting schedule, allowing us to capture jaw dropping images from a variety of camera and lens configurations more quickly and efficiently than ever before,” said Razatos.

To shoot the aerial sequences from an AS350 B3 helicopter, Razatos equipped the F1 with Epic’s 6K Red Dragon camera, paired with the Angenieux 15-40mm, Alura 17-85mm and Angenieux 25-250mm lenses, and reported that the F1 delivered phenomenally steady images thanks to its powerful 6-axis stabilisation technology.

Both the F1 and the larger K1 are 6-axis systems, with look down capability for use inverted. The F1 can be used with such cameras as the Arri Alexa M, Red Epic, Canon C500 or Sony F55 and HDC-2500, while the K1 is suitable for 3D rigs and larger lenses.

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