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Shifting Gears: BBC Worldwide transformation

How does the leader of a traditional media business go about devising a vision and strategy that will equip and safeguard it for the future? A plan that takes account of new distribution, new formats, and new entrants – be they new partners, new competitors, or both (‘frenemies’)?

BBC Worldwide, by any measure, is a broadcasting powerhouse although not without its critics. CEO Tim Davie unveiled his vision for the future of the BBC’s commercial arm in October 2013. The three-pronged plan involved increased investment in premium content, the launch of new channel brands, and a radical rethink of its digital operations aimed at delivering scale and competitive advantage over new digital entrants.

The past year or so has seen some unashamed ‘U-turns’ and a tightening of BBC-WW’s focus under Tim Davie. In this IBC 2014 Keynote, moderated by The IBC Daily’s Kate Bulkley, Davie will explain how the plan is delivering returns in the seven geographic markets in which it operates – returns that benefit not only the BBC, but also independent producers, and viewers in the UK. He will explain the challenges that faced BBC Worldwide and how they were overcome, and how the strategy is transforming the business.

This important keynote also sets the agenda for the third day of IBC2014 in which we examine the potential impact of new entrants on established players, and explore how they are responding.