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Sharing efficiency in a wireless workflow

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Sound Devices-2   SD 688, Timecode wave and MovieSlate - 2

A collaboration with Timecode Systems allows a seamless exchange of data between Sound Devices’ 6-Series mixer/recorders, Timecode Systems’ :wave timecode and genlock generator, and PureBlend’s MovieSlate
8.5 iOS app.

New firmware upgrades integrate the capabilities of the three companies to more efficiently manage metadata and transport controls within a production workflow.

To set up this integrated workflow, a Timecode Systems :wave unit operates as the master timecode clock, transmitting wireless timecode and sync data to all connected devices. The receiving units then output linear timecode and genlock to their connected cameras.

With this latest upgrade, users can now also sync and share metadata and timecode via a bespoke Timecode Systems Sync lead from the :wave’s data port to the USB port on a Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorder.