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Servicevision: ScorpioLens primed for anamorphics

Although best known for its cranes, hot heads and remote controls, Servicevision has been developing a new series of anamorphic lenses for the past few years, and is showing the final prototypes at IBC.

The ScorpioLens Anamorphic X2 range of lenses are designed to be as practical as spherical lenses (light, small and reasonably priced) but to keep the beauty of the anamorphic look. They use a new, patented design that allows users to have a real anamorphic while correcting its issues, such as distortion and breathing effects. The basic set will initially comprise of 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm lenses.

It has also developed two new telescopic cranes, the Scorpio 45-foot/14m crane, which can carry up to 70kg underslung, or 45kg overslung, and a 64-foot/19m version. Its new Mini Scorpio EZ Head is a remote head based on its popular Mini Head, but simplified, so there is no need for a specialised Scorpio technician.