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Service contract win for Rai Africa

In the summer of 2017, Telespazio was awarded a service contract for Rai Africa, in addition to the SNG satellite contribution capacities and line-up services provided to Rai by Telespazio’s National Television Control Centre located at the Lario Earth Station.

Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo (67 per cent) and Thales (33 per cent), provides contribution, distribution and direct-to-home services for many international broadcasters, like RAI, Sky, Mediaset, Al Jazeera, TV Polonia, TVR International Romania and others from Poland and the MENA region.

Telespazio operates worldwide through numerous subsidiaries, space centres and teleports. Its main teleport is Fucino, active since 1961. With its 170 antennae, Fucino Teleport is connected using terrestrial links to the major European Telecommunication PoPs and is integrated into the most important global networks.

At Sky Italia, Telespazio recently implemented a new high-power amplifier system, based on gallium nitride solid-state transistors and capable of providing 2.5KW RF power in DBS (17.3-18.4GHz) and of transmitting up to 18 RF full transponders using a single up-link antenna system.

Telespazio has also rolled out a transponder backup management (XBM) at Sky Italia. This dedicated system allows automatic switch between site diversity up-link stations, assuring a yearly SLA of 99.995 per cent.

In November 2016, Telespazio started delivering RAI Italia, Rai News 24 and Rai World Premium worldwide with content managed by Telespazio from the Rai headquarters in Italy and delivered to North America, South America and Australia over satellite and fibre.