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Senior LED takes on HMIs

The days of large tungsten and even HMI lights are nearing an end thanks to the progress of LEDs, which are now capable of producing high output with reasonable colour performance and low power requirements.

Mole-Richardson’s new 900-Watt 3100K SeniorLED can replace its previous 5kW tungsten model, while the daylight (5600K) version has similar output to a 1400W HMI. While tungsten lights typically cost a lot less than LEDs, HMIs are more expensive, so the $5,500 SeniorLED, which requires no external ballast, generates little heat, is smaller and lighter, and at eight amps can be powered from a domestic socket, would make financial sense. As the SeniorLED uses a single source LED, it doesn’t create the multiple shadows of earlier LEDs, allowing it to be fully focusable.

The beam angle of the Fresnel is variable from spot (10°) to flood (55°), and it has flicker-free local or DMX 100-0% dimming with minimal colour shift. Mole-Richardson is also developing a 10kW equivalent.