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Sencore adopts JPEG2000 Ultra Low Latency technology

Sencore has adopted intoPIX JPEG2000 Ultra Low Latency technology for its new line of SDI2X products. The integration of the intoPIX cores will enable Sencore to support next-generation broadcasting services, including the VSF TR01 standard.

Overall the technology will, claimed intoPix, enable the industry to simplify remote production and live contribution using IP networks.

Jean-Baptiste Lorent, director of sales and marketing at intoPix said, “When you’re outside the studio for remote production or studio-to-studio, away from SMPTE 2110, you’re faced with putting high quality content over constrained network bandwidth.

It simply isn’t practical to put HD on a network always, or the cost charged for the bandwidth by the telco operator is too high, so you need to keep things under 1Gb.

“For that reason, JPEG2000 Ultra Low Latency is gaining lots of interest in the market, particularly in the US,” continued Lorent.

“ESPN is using it for live sport because it offers practically all the benefits of uncompressed but with more feeds and higher frame rates.”