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Seamless satellite coverage in sight

On show from ND Satcom is News-On-The-Move. According to the company, it is ideal for situations in which time-to-air requirements mean transmitting a first report on-the-go, such as live coverage of a cycle race.

ND Satcom said that leading satellite operators have confirmed that the use of an adopted (non-proprietary) satellite antenna with the SKYWAN terminal suspends transmission when the line of sight to the satellite is interrupted by buildings or trees, and that transmission continues immediately when the sight line is clear again. ND SatCom claimed it offers a more seamless transmission solution.

The special COTM (Communications on the Move) feature of the SKYWAN system maintains connectivity even when passing groups of trees or buildings, thus providing a higher availability than other solutions, the company claims.

The built-in Doppler-Shift feature compensates for accelerations and curves and is tested up to 2,000km/h. A remote site can be a compact backpack terminal, a standard vehicle with a mobile News-On-The-Move system with roof-mountable antenna requiring no modifications to the vehicle, or a special vehicle with an integrated antenna. Customers can select any integrated camera, encoding and recording equipment.