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SDN playout to support IP transition

Pixel Power is introducing StreamMaster, a new software-defined playout system designed to sit as an automated hub in a software-defined network, providing branding and playout.

StreamMaster is ready to run on standard hardware or as a virtual machine in a data centre, as “a channel without a box”, said the company, but it can also be supplied as a standalone device with SDI I/O to support hybrid and transitional applications.

According to the company, the aim of StreamMaster is to put sophisticated audience-retaining options like multi-layer 3D graphics, squeezebacks and other secondary events, into systems available to all. It’s designed for such users as online and on-demand broadcasters, regional services and pop-up channels. StreamMaster is also automation-agnostic so it can be added to an existing playout infrastructure.

James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power, said, “With the continuing expansion of broadcast channels and the revolution in online broadcasting, there is a real need for sophisticated playout technology that can deliver professional quality. Delivering outstanding branding and the sort of playout that the big channels need is really important to the success of new offerings.

“We have worked hard to develop our new, modular, software platform, which allows us to deliver products like StreamMaster,” he added.

Also at IBC is a first look at Promote, a new software system developed to automate branding in a transmission environment by using existing data from back-office, scheduling and automation systems.