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SD, HD and 3G test and measurement

Aiming to support the enormous number of SD and HD programmes created on a daily basis around the world, Omnitek is showcasing its range of SD, HD and 3G test and measurement equipment.

The Omnitek OTR range of advanced waveform rasteriser and signal generators offers a combination of high-precision video and audio analysis tools partnered with a full-motion signal generator system in a single rackmount unit.

The Omnitek Picture Quality Analyser provides today’s multi-media digital broadcast environment with a practical quality metric, claimed the company, where it stated a wide variety of compression techniques are used in the attempt to maximise the payload capacity of the chosen transmission path.

Picture and audio quality assessment of resulting broadcast video is essential to ensure that the best use is made of the available channel bandwidth, it noted.

The Omnitek OTM 1000 waveform monitor and signal generator provides a combination of video-audio analysis tools partnered with a full-motion signal generator system.

It is compatible with all single and dual link SDI formats at 270Mbps, 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps. The facilities offered include a stereo 3D monitoring option, providing a range of colourimetry and depth-analysis functions.

AV delay is a constant issue in many environments, said Omnitek, which stated its in-service AV delay measurement solution allows highly accurate audio-visual delay measurement without the need for specific clapper board test patterns, and also works on highly compressed video.

Alan Wheable, technical support manager, Omnitek, said: “The OTM and OTR continue to be popular products with new and existing customers alike as they provide compliance tools that are needed around the clock in the production of SD and HD television for QC and to help keep programmes on air.”