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SCTE and The Connected Home

Each year at IBC, the Benelux group of the Society of Cable Television Engineers holds its annual lecture. This year it’s Monday afternoon at 14:00. This session is free to all visitors, you need neither an IBC Conference Pass nor SCTE membership.

This year’s topic looks at ‘In home architecture issues’. Consumers now expect a broad range of services in the home, many accessed simultaneously. The SCTE workshop at IBC looks at the technologies underlying the delivery.

The afternoon is split into four sessions, with the first discussing the challenges for service providers in delivering the high speed internet options that consumers expect. From there the panel moves on to the connected home, the new applications becoming available and the opportunities this provides for business.

The session looks first at home networking. Quality of experience is a difficult subject to quantify, so how do we balance usability, availability and proactive service management?

Finally, the talk is of the cloud. What is the path from traditional consumer premises equipment to virtualisation and a cloud-based home network? What are the implications for network monitoring?

The SCTE has brought together a powerful international panel, under the chairmanship of Edo Kweldam, director of CAI Harderwijk. The debate is sure to be lively, so if you are involved in content to the home, this is a session not to be missed.

It starts at 14:00 in room E102, and is free to all IBC attendees. To view the full conference programme visit