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We are all Screenagers

“Digital first is not enough –the whole media industry has to move to a mobile-first strategy,” urged Eric Scherer, France Télévisions in the session ‘Relentless Rise of Mobile: Opportunity or threat for the TV industry?’

“The most important screen is the one you have in your pocket. Mobile is not just a new distribution channel for traditional broadcast content. It is a world of contextualisation and personalisation. It is not a technology, it’s a behaviour. And while millennials do prefer the mobile screen in reality mobile changes everything. We are all Screenagers.”

Mobile video traffic may be growing exponentially driven by short form, social media ad streaming apps like Facebook Live and Periscope but this doesn’t mean TV should be sidelined. By 2020 the average time a person spends watching video will increase to seven hours a day including on the living room set.

“People want to watch great TV on the best screen that’s easily available to them,” said Jon Block, EMEA VP of Product and Platform, Videology. “The challenge is how we allow advertisers to plan across multiple media including TV and mobile.”

The convergence of TV and mobile will “deliver the most powerful marketing combination we have ever seen,” said Block.