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ScheduALL: Accessing inventories in realtime

Uniting all the systems within the enterprise and across business partners and giving realtime access to resource inventories is the design goal of ScheduALL Connector, which is being demonstrated at IBC.

This capability to connect, says ScheduALL, allows businesses to find the most cost-effective providers and ensure the best fit for the job at hand. The technology in ScheduALL Connector provides a platform for self-provisioned customer bookings, meaning that broadcast and transmission companies can allow their customers to book inventory and resources directly, without the need for emails, phone calls or spreadsheets.

Self-provisioning eliminates error-prone manual processes, duplicate efforts and conflicts, according to the company, with ScheduALL Connector providing a centralised view of a global resource network for both the provider and the customer, increasing revenue through maximised utilisation.

ScheduALL says that it has built trusted partnerships with the largest media businesses, and ScheduALL Connector unifies these companies in a global network.

The direct system-to-system connectivity provided by ScheduALL Connector delivers a global inventory, resulting in a comprehensive choice of providers, increased utilisation and maximised levels of project profitability. ScheduALL Connector offers resource providers the tools to connect with their customers and give them instant access to booking the resources they need. When a facility finds itself at maximum capacity, ScheduALL Connector can also locate alternate resources to provide what is needed, resulting in accelerated workflows.