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Scene referred HDR

If the current trend of HDR, as espoused by the UHD Alliance, can be considered a ‘first wave’ of HDR products, head to the Future Zone for a glimpse of the second wave. TrueDR and project partners SIM2 from Italy and Vicomtech from Spain are demonstrating the next generation of HDR and a key step in the development of ‘a complete, professional, future-proof UHDTV pipeline’.

Alan Chalmers, professor of visualisation, International Digital Laboratory, WMG, University of Warwick, said: “The current HDR pipeline is ‘display referred’, constrained by the peak luminance that consumer HDR displays are capable of showing, typically 1,000nits.

“One positive outcome of this first wave is far wider user recognition of the term HDR,” added Chalmers, also the spokesperson for TrueDR. “Although HDR TVs will be sold in increasing numbers, especially as more HDR content becomes available, at some point viewers will no longer want to watch HDR in a dark room; this will give rise to a ‘second wave’ of HDR technology.”

Chalmers describes the second wave as ‘scene referred’, with the HDR pipeline no longer constrained by what a display is capable of showing.

“Rather, the full range of lighting captured in a scene will be transmitted along the pipeline and the best image possible delivered for a given display, the ambient lighting conditions, and any creative intent,” he said.