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Scalable robotic camera control

The RCCP-1 Robotic Camera Control Panel provides a single operator with powerful control over robotics, camera and lens positioning, camera shading and control of peripheral devices.

It can be used as a standalone unit or networked with a group of panels sharing a common database, allowing it to scale from an entry-level robotic facility to multi-studio or multi-remote applications.

The RCCP-1 is available customised for both studio (RCCP-STS) and legislative applications (RCCP-LGS), and its control panel has an assortment of buttons, knobs and rocker switches to control pan, tilt, zoom, focus, elevation and trolley position.

It uses an integrated touchscreen graphical user interface, and features include key-frame motion support, polarise filter control, studio automation support and automated event triggers. It offers support for a range of third-party devices, including video switcher, character generators and PTZs.

Telemetrics has also introduced RCCP Telesoft, a production controller with a touchscreen for easy-to-find camera functions. It features pan, tilt and zoom speed control knobs, illuminated push buttons for easy camera selection, large focus knob for fine control with auto/manual toggle and a three-axis Hall-effect joystick.

Although it can be used for entry-level applications, it can be upgraded to advanced user control. It offers universal support of all major PTZs, a 10.4-inch colour touchscreen for full camera image controls and scene presets, and modular tactile controls for manual operation.