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Satcom in a suitcase

Said to be easily deployable in less than 10 minutes, ACTIA’s DEKA065 TravelSat Ka band satcom terminal weighs less than 32kg, meaning that it can be transported by one person.

With a compact size of 480mm x 520mm x 580mm, it is also IATA suitcase compliant.

It integrates a high-performance 65cm dual-offset antenna which is composed of four segmented pieces that is said to deploy quickly and accurately with no tools. It is rated to IP55, and is capable of operation in winds of up to 50km/hour with stabiliser legs.

The DEKA065 is capable of upload data rates of 1Mbps, and the unit features manual pointing, assisted by software. Its internal battery gives it an operational time of two hours. The standard version integrates an iDirect modem CX700 compatible with DVBS2 (downstream) and ATDMA (upstream) waveforms.