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Sachtler and Vinten go with the Flow

Flowtech is an all-new camera tripod technology created in a joint development by Sachtler and Vinten. It boasts “unique quick-release brakes and easy adjust levers that enable camera operators to set up and begin using the tripod in an instant”.

The initial Flowtech 75 tripod has two-stage carbon-fibre legs with an easy-to-remove mid-level spreader, rubber feet and a payload capacity of 20kg. The quick-release brakes, handily positioned at the top of the tripod, enable all the legs to be deployed simultaneously and adjust automatically to the ground’s surface, eliminating the need for users to bend over or manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg.

For ease of carrying, the lightweight tripod has magnetic locks to ensure that the legs are stable during transport. It can be deployed as low as 26cm, up to 153cm without the detachable spreader, and between 63cm to 157cm with the spreader.

Tobias Keuthen, director of global product marketing management, Vitec, said: “It’s the next evolution in tripod technology. [Flowtech 75]combines the speed and portability of a Sachtler tripod with the torsional rigidity of a Vinten.”

The tripod can be used with 75mm fluid heads and will cost $1,050, £810 or €960.