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IBC2014 sees the launch of the r147 remote control, the latest product solution from ruwido, the Austrian remote control specialist. The r147 is said to integrate innovative haptic feedback technology to ensure that the growing diversity of TV services can be controlled and navigated.

TV has, notes ruwido, transformed over the last decade to become almost unrecognisable from the linear experience it once was: the current TV landscape now includes a vast choice of content, complex menus and extensive VoD libraries. The r147 is said to be in line with the company’s ethos of ensuring that control rests with the end user.

According to ruwido, the look and feel of the r147 complements the brand value of advanced TV service providers. It maintains the button based navigation that users have become accustomed to, enhanced by haptic force progression and the option of speech transmission. The new remote control is focused on usability, maximising comfort for the user with high quality surfaces and softened edges.

“The remote control is an ever–present and fundamental element of the modern day TV landscape; it is the bridge between the user and a world of entertainment,” said Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido. “Our new remote control provides a high level of interactivity to enhance the television viewing experience, while at the same time providing an aesthetically pleasing design which the user is proud to have on its living room table. The combination of ruwido’s design language and the deep functionality of the r147 helps forge a closer relationship between the user and our customer’s brand.”