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RTW: Versatile multi-mode meter

The TM3-Primus meter, with USB connections and a 4.3inch touchscreen interface, is now shipping worldwide.

RTW has released the compact fully-loaded meter in time for the implementation of the DPP’s new broadcast delivery standards in October. The latest entry to RTW’s smart product category, it connects over USB to offer desktop audio metering for workstations and servers, as well as offering unbalanced RCA type two-channel analogue and digital audio (SPDIF) connections.

An advanced USB hybrid mode allows a metering point in a DAW to be visualised on the new TouchMonitor’s screen, while another mode enables metering to be performed on the DAW so a user can visualise the information instantly.

Supported loudness standards include ITU BS.1770-3/1771-1, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, ARIB, OP-59, AGICOM and CALM. The TM3-Primus includes level and loudness display with bar graph-type or numerical readout plus MagicLRA type. Other instruments included with the meter are PPM, moving coil, correlator, RTA, vectorscope, numerical and chart.

The company said the TM3-Primus, available at an entry-level price point, was perfectly suited for individuals working in smaller production environments such as OB vans. In addition, RWT said it represented a new quality solution for non-commercial use in small radio environments or podcasting.
RTW also has its premium range of TouchMonitor audio meters on display in Hall 8.