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RT1.TV’s big new small OB

German facilities company production has taken delivery of a compact new OB, HD 7, that packs a lot of capability in a small space. “We wanted a compact truck that has a lot of video and audio capabilities. We have a compact OB van with an uplink that makes it really unique,” said Michael Jaworski, team management, outside broadcasting and SNG, “We don’t need an extra uplink truck and there are many productions where there isn’t so much space for bigger trucks,” particularly where it is doing the national presentation of a football match where there are big trucks from the host broadcaster.

It will start work after IBC for use on Champions League games as well as talk shows, debates, concerts and other sports, such as basketball, and has seven Grass Valley LDX 80 cameras, with an LDX 86 high-speed camera, plus EVS and Avid highlight compilation and Dolby surround sound.

Up to three on-air signals can be uplinked at once via its 2.4m Vislink antenna, specially built for this, “without any foldable ears, because it wasn’t necessary for the size of truck, and because it will be doing winter sports and we didn’t want to risk ice in the folding mechanism,” said Christian Putz, senior solutions architect, Qvest Media.

The truck design was done by Wellen+Nöthen (now Qvest Media). “They really did it in a new way, with wood and contemporary design,” said Jaworski.

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