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Rovi: Personalized Discovery Solution launched

Receiving its EMEA launch, and being demonstrated on the company’s stand, is the Personalized Discovery Solution from Rovi. Aimed, says the company, at increasing content consumption and delighting consumers with fast and relevant search capabilities, and a discovery experience that may be tailored to the needs and tastes of the individual viewer, it is the result of the combination of Rovi and recently acquired Veveo technologies. The new Personalized Discovery Solution includes voice-enabled, natural-conversation interaction, as well as a contextual and predictive search and recommendations engine.

“Given the near infinite stream of content available, the fundamental challenge for consumers — and therefore a revenue opportunity for service providers that successfully address it — is the ability to find relevant content quickly,” said Colin Dixon, chief analyst and founder, nScreenMedia. “Rovi’s hybrid approach to enable personalised discovery by blending quality, man-made data with its machine-learning Knowledge Graph is novel and has the potential to be a key part of the future discovery experience.”

The Rovi Personalized Discovery Solution’s is powered by a blend of Rovi entertainment metadata which, according to the company, comprises an extensive international entertainment database with editorial content and images, in over 15 languages on five million+ TV programmes, movies, celebrities, and more that is handcrafted by a team of Rovi editors; and a dynamic Knowledge Graph that maintains information on more than 100 million entertainment-related entities drawn and verified from over 100,000 online sources. Rovi Knowledge Graph is said to be constantly updating and learning more about the relationships between various entities, how these connections shift over time, and their relevance in various regions of the world.

The combination of metadata and the Knowledge Graph is described by Rovi as its ‘entertainment brain’ that helps enable search and recommendations relevancy, accuracy and speed.