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Routing gets steroid injection

Combining an affordable price point with high-end functionality, Ross Video has launched a new compact routing switcher, Ultrix. It features formerly big-router-only technology such as audio processing and multi-viewers, while supporting the new SMTPE 12G standard that gets 4K UHD video on a single coaxial cable. simplifies system design.

David Ross, CEO, commented: “In the production switcher world Carbonite revolutionised the price point and feature set. We want to do the same with Ultrix, in what we think is a new class of mid-range routers with high-end functionality, for exceptional price.

“We are blown away at what our development team has been able to accomplish.The only way to explain this is that Ultrix is a routing system on steroids,” he added.

Ultrix handles all of the SDI data rates from 270Mbps to 12Gbps. Designing for 12G support means Ultrix offers superior performance at lower 1.5 and 3 Gbps data rates. This makes Ultrix a good fit for today’s signals, while providing peace of mind for those concerned about supporting 4K in the future. 9.C10