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Rotating camera slider and lightweight stabiliser

The new Falcon Eyes 80cm Camera Slider Carbon (STK-08C-0.8) has a quick and simple way of adjusting the camera axis to rotate as it is being moved. A very quickly adjusted tube between the two main rails enables the camera to keep focused on one point or make a panorama movement as it slides.

The slider rails are made of carbon fibre, making it lightweight, and the legs are collapsible, all of which makes it easily portable.

It comes in a handy carrying case. The aluminium dolly, which is provided with a 3/8-inch screw connection, moves smoothly and silently along on the rails thanks to precision bearings.

The €429 slider can be used on a table, on the ground, or mounted on a tripod. Also new is the Falcon Eyes VST-06-S lightweight camera stabiliser for smaller cameras.

Made of carbon fibre, it has a precise three-axis gimbal and fully extended measures one metre. Costing €200, it has an adjustable base plate and a quick release, with lock.

There is a counterweight adapter at the bottom of the stabiliser, which allows users to add up to three counter weight legs; transforming it into a small tripod, so it can stand on a flat surface.