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Rosenberger OSI: Fibre for 4K and beyond

The new FieldCast high-speed fibre optic cabling system from Rosenberger OSI is designed to cope with 4K and beyond.

It supports very high data rates over extended distances for HD, 4K or 8K, and is claimed to overcome some traditional drawbacks of optical cabling, such as price and availability. “With a simplified range, widely compatible connectors and straightforward colour coding system, FieldCast is arguably the first truly easy to use fibre system,” the company claimed.

For UHD video over coaxial copper cable there is a limit to the distances over which signals can travel. With 6Gbps, for example, the maximum distance without repeaters is around 60 to 70m, which is limiting even in the studio.

“Despite the shortcomings of copper, until now there has been a reluctance to go with fibre,” said Ab Vingerling of Rosenberger. “The variety of cable types, standards and connectors can be bewildering. FieldCast will finally help the technology to go mainstream. Now, using fibre will be little more complicated than buying and plugging in a coaxial copper cable.”

Rosenberger has drastically reduced the number of options, and is offering a very simplified, pre-configured range, featuring standard, sturdy connectors that can withstand extended use in studios and stadia.

“Whether PC or APC polishing has been applied is meaningless and irrelevant to most users; it only serves to confuse the typical buyer,” added Vingerling. “What our customers are interested to know is that FieldCast has been created to the highest specification, is compatible with broadcast and AV technology and is very attractively priced.”

Distribution of FieldCast for the EMEA territories is being handled by Mediamachine, in the Netherlands, while Holdan will serve the UK and Ireland.