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Rosco: LitePad shines

The slim, soft Rosco LitePad LED light has been upgraded, and is now fully customisable and available in tuneable White and RGB configurations.

LitePad produces a flattering light output for lighting interviews, product shots and adding fill or accent light on set. It is available in two different models: LitePad Axiom, which comes in a protective metal housing that’s easy to mount to standard grip hardware, and LitePad HO+, the raw LED light engine that is just 8mm thick and easy to hide and mount in broadcast sets.

Also on show is RoscoView, a variable Neutral Density filter in the window that allows users to instantly and easily compensate for changing lighting conditions outside without affecting the lighting setup inside the studio.The two-part system uses a wide width polarising panel installed in the window and a matching polarising filter for the camera, which work together to control the daylight exposure seen through the window.