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Rip-Lock wraps up cable tying

Cable management specialist, Rip-Tie has introduced a new lockable cable tie to its range. Its patented Rip-Lock means the CableWrap can be attached permanently to a cable, so it is always at hand.

The Rip-Lock CableWrap took three years to develop, and is available in six sizes and 14 colours (including four neon), making it easier to identify cables. It promises to keep cables neat and tidy, and the CableWrap can’t be lost once you attach it – which is said to take seconds and require no tools.

The tie’s pull tab allows a one handed quick release and has been tested up to 10,000 releases.

Although the Rip-Lock securely attaches the CableWrap to the cable, it can be removed, for re-use on another cable, as a Rip-Lock Key comes in every package.