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RF peace of mind

With the steady growth rate in satellite industry revenues, the main drivers for ETL Systems are the increase in high throughput satellites (HTS), the increased HDTV in channels which require more bandwidth use and new higher frequency satellites such as the Ka-band fleet.

We are currently working on a number of projects where both slope compensation and variable gain are required within high gain amplifiers in order to deliver the new Ka-band signals up to 2.5GHz. These drivers reflect the growing uptake of new technologies for consumer services in both the IPTV and handheld telecoms market, where streaming content is becoming more prolific.

ETL’s fleet of RF distribution products continues to provide satellite teleports with high quality, high reliability solutions that can deliver the best signal for onward distribution to IRDs and decoders.

Our customers design ultra-reliable downlink and uplink RF distribution networks that provide peace of mind and 24/7 operations. ETL has therefore seen a huge increase in demand by our customers for fully redundant RF equipment with enhanced monitoring facilities. The Brazil World Cup is a good example where ETL L-band matrices and splitters were used to distribute signals around the world to millions of customers. Reliable revenue generation is the key.

As satellite teleports expand, in order to deliver new services, performance issues concerning bandwidth and signal integrity are critical. We are seeing growing requirements for short distance RF over fibre as it can transport RF signals over tens of kilometres without any noticeable signal loss or phase distortion. ETL’s StingRay range of RF over fibre products solves the issue of long coax cable runs and we are very excited to demonstrate it at this year’s IBC show.