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Remote control for hybrid IP/SAT networks

The software eSIRC Server (Satellite Inband Remote Control) is an ideal tool for regional broadcasting, quality control and management of local audio content, jingles, schedule and firmware files, claimed 2wcom.

Operators are able to completely access the eSIRC management system via a web interface from any computer within a network for uploading data files to the internal memory of an integrated MM08E encoder, DSR01 receiver and FlexDSR02+/04+ receivers.

Equipped this way, it would be possible to distribute and control the data of the whole network.

The content provided by eSIRC can be processed immediately and without delay, or scheduled for a certain time. For each SD card installed in the receivers, there is a separate directory on the eSIRC server, into which all distributed files are written.

This is a design to be used as a back-up for situations requiring the exchange of receivers or SD cards. Also, in situations of high data volume and lack of satellite bandwidth, it is possible to synchronise and distribute written contents in the respective directory alternatively via FTP.